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What is your purpose? Ours is to change lives!

Know the challenge

What this is about?

At Novartis, we are looking for social, technological and scientific-based solutions that shall allow greater efficiency in prevention, detection and control of Chagas and Malaria deseases in order to improve the quality of communities and people’s lives in Colombia.

What is the issue?

Chagas is one of those vector-borne diseases of greatest importance in public health system throughout the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are approximately 438 000 infected people in Colombia (WHO). As for Malaria, approximately 12 million people live in risk areas in Colombia.

Your purpose!

Create and drive ideas that increase effectiveness in Colombia related to prevention, early detection or access to treatments in risk areas where exist a lot of posibilities of getting Chagas and Malaria diseases; through the implementation of social, technological and scientific-based solutions.

All together we will bring to reality this dream of changing lives!
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Design your solution

Your project may provide one or several solutions from different stages and bases:

Step 1
Firstly, you need to choose the disease on which you are going to focus on:
  • Chagas
  • Malaria
Note: You can choose one or both diseases
Step 2
Then, choose the stage of the disease that will impact your project:
  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Access to treatment
Note: You can choose one or all of them
Step 3
Choose the main basis of your solution:
  • Scientist / Research
  • Technological development
  • Social solutions
Note: You can choose one or all of them


A total bag of up to 30,000 USD for the selected proposal(s)

Real time validation of a Minimum Viable Product, prototype or pilot model.

Social and relationship activities with potential beneficiaries.

Concerning the solutions in the phase of Scientific Research and/or those of Social Type; an accompaniment and support for a Colombian University will be done.

There will be done an accompaniment and support given by the organizer and allies to escalate and consolidate the entrepreneurship or solution selected in Colombia.


Call for proposals

Proposals registration: October 3, 2019

Closure of the call for proposals: December 20, 2019


Official announcement of the selected proposal(s): April 2020


Follow-up and support of the project until: December 2020

Participate by enrolling your project here:

Requirements Download all the information and requirements about the challenge to participate. Frequent questions


Novartis is a Swiss company dedicated to improving and prolonging the quality of life of patients, through innovation and research. With more than 50 years in the Andean Region, the company sees innovation as one of its top priorities for the development of new medicines; In that sense, the commitment to the advancement of medicine is a constant in our work.